How to whitelist process for HidCerberus?

How to whitelist process for HidCerberus?
Got some problems with HidCerberus, because AutoWhitelister doesn't work, it can't put an app into whitelist. Maybe because it can't recognize working HidCerberus service, but it's working (as listed in services.msc)
All stuff like VIGem, HIDCerberus, HIDGuarian is working properly
Is there any way to whitelist XOutput without using AutoWhitelister?

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What is AutoWhitelister?

WhiteKnight Auto-Whitelister...
However, it doesn't matter
How can I whitelist XOutput?

Well, you don't. That's the job of the tool you use responsible for interaction with HG/HC.

You, probably, didn't understand me, but I will try again. When I use XOutput, there are two gamepad inputs in the system DInput and XInput and it confuses some games. How can I hide DInput and use ony XInput?

That would in your case be the job of WhiteKnight which I'm not the author of so I don't know how it works.