Not getting AirBender to work

First of all, thanks for the great program, USB connection works flawlessly with my DS3!

But for QOL reasons it would be nice to get AirBender to work as well, but for some reason it seems that I just can't make that happen. The controller doesn't appear anywhere on my computer either using the built-in Bluetooth or when trying to reuse an old (but functioning) Logitech wireless mouse receiver. I reckon this is down to the AirBender driver not being tied to the actual BT chip, but how do I do that? I took a look at Device Manager, but wasn't able to figure out how to use the AirBender files there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello and welcome!

This won't help you much at this moment but there's a more compatible successor to AirBender in development. So far we've seen great success but it's not yet ready to be unleashed into the world 🙂

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind then and check back later. At least now I won't run out of battery when playing 😛