bluetooth not working after changing port

Good afternoon,

I changed the port where my dongle is connected, reinstalled the drivers and now DS3 over Bluetooth is not working.
When I try to run the installer, or uninstall from the control panel, I get the following message,

I am on windows 11 and I confirmed BT is working by pairing a BT keyboard.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Managed to reinstall BTHPS3 ok by using bluetooth windows default driver but the gamepad is only working when connected by cable. It does not show to DS4Windows though!


ok... managed to get it to be paired and to show in DS4Windows


But when I remove the cable and press the PS button nothing happens

I restarted my computer and tried several times.

Please help.

Show us the driver version (properties -> details) for the Nefarius Bluetooth PS Enumerator and for the PS3 controller




got a bit futher this time after a restart as teh wireless device showed up.

You are using DsHidMini v2 ( but BthPS3 v1 (

Uninstall the current version of BthPS3, reboot, install the latest v2 version of BthPS3, reboot, try pairing the controller again

it worked. thank you very much. I think changing the port messed it all up. made a bunch of house cleaning and in the end installed the old version of the driver. thank you very much for the help.