Bluetooth pairing issues

UPDATE: I've surprised myself and fixed this - I ran the BthPS3 trace and discovered that the controller was showing up with a name that wasn't on the reg key list. I just added it and now it's working fine (so far). The name I had to add was "PLAYSTATION(R)3Controller-ghic". (The default reg key has a very similar name but misspelled 'Conteroller', so maybe the manufacturer of this fake has fixed their spelling.)

Hello - I'm having trouble with the Bluetooth connection of my controller. It is a fake, so I'm prepared for the possibility that it just won't work, but trying to work out exactly what the issue is.

So far:

  • I've installed BthPS3 and DsHidMini without issue - checked in Device Manager & both are running correctly
  • The controller is working when wired
  • in the DsHidMini Control, it shows up (as 'PS3 GamePad') and shows a tick next to the Host MAC address - ie. 'Last pairing attempt was successful'

I'm trying to follow this guide on the Github to see if it's using unsecured Bluetooth and won't work.
Problem: at the step where I need to look in Event Viewer, I don't have a 'BTHUSB' entry at all. So the relevant error/warning isn't there, but I feel like it might be hidden somewhere else?

So - either I need to work out how to see something Event Viewer isn't showing me, or per the Github "your controller is probably failing to connect for another reason and requires a BthPS3 tracing to determine exactly why". Would love some help!

Running: Windows 11, DsHidMini
The controller is this one though it doesn't look exactly like those images - I've taken some below. It looks similar to but definitely isn't exactly the same one as the two that have been identified as definitely not compatible.

PXL_20220413_011527165.jpg PXL_20220413_011521061.jpg