Bluetooth Dongle not supported/Driver not working

I bought a generic 5.0 usb dongle off ebay , it lists as:
dd1d8cb1-4a89-4033-82f5-f9af28639f28-grafik.png It works under windows but it doesnt work in SCP Toolkit.
62874d20-84b8-4942-b3cf-fdd96a12895c-grafik.png It always states, that Windows was not able to start the device as soon as I install the bluetooth driver:
cc4939bb-9cec-41f5-bf65-fa3331a1bb5d-grafik.png .

Do I have a driver issue or is it actually incompatible?
The Ebay listing said that it was EDR, Bluetooth classic etc. compatible.

I already tried restarting and quite a few reinstalls, nothing seems to work.

Thanks in Advance

SCP is dead 😬 who knows why it's not working...

Same problem with BthPS3, so I cant use DsHidMini either ....
All of them cant get the dongle to work, the controller itself works only by cable

Is there any good alternative?

Then look on, troubleshooting, FAQs etc. everything you need to diagnose is there. If you want/need further help, provide way more information, lots of screenshots etc. as we can't see what is happening on your PC 😉

Thanks mate, that Revision is definitly not supported eventhough the id is on the list.
I got myself the Asus BT400 dongle and it is now working flawless