Discord access

Hi all,

I was looking for access to the discord server but the page linked everywhere (https://discord.vigem.org/) is showing a maintenance message. Is there any way to join the server?

As stated on the very page you linked I've currently disabled access due to a recent incident with some... challenged individuals. So until further notice the doors are closed until I have new even more powerful anti-spam measures in place or people learn how to behave. I am not a fan of collective punishment but I don't like to waste my time with moderating children who can't behave.


I suggest adding some bots that has anti-spam features such as MEE6 or Dyno in the Discord.

That is already in place. None of these bots can do anything against being a simple prick.

I'm wiring a new bot, once that's done, the gates will open again 😉

Good news! I've reopened the gates, newcomers welcome!


hi @nefarius I tried to join your discord today but couldn't become a full member but /apply member doesn't work for some reason and I get this message saying (and yes I did type it correctly - I checked multiple times)


I'll look into it, IDK why but my Discord bot has major connectivity issues for an unknown reason and I get no errors in the logs...