DS3 bluetooth keep reconnecting even without input

hello. i have this issue where my ds3's bluetooth keeps reconnecting using DsHidMini eventho no input has been given. i set my "idle connection period" to 3 minutes, and it keeps reconnecting in about a minute or so.


is it because my DS3 is fake? i actually dont know whether its real or not, but its labeled fake in the DSHDMC.

also i experienced the same issue using ScpToolkit, but apparently ScpToolkit has the "unplug virtual controller" (or some sort, i dont remember the wording exactly) in ScpDriver.exe, below "Service Setting" section.

can you point out the problem for me, please?
thank you

additional info: bluetooth CSR 4.0

So in essence, you leave your DS3 sit there, not touching anything and even after the idle disconnect triggers and disconnects your controller, it reconnects on itself, did I get that correct?


@nefarius spot on. that is exactly what happened. i have a feeling that its caused by my fake controller, if thats the case, perfectly fine. just wondering whether you already meet the same problem with original controller

I've heard of one similar case on Discord (fake controller) but that's most probably a controller thing and not much I could do about it.

@nefarius alright no problem. for the time being i'll use the old scptoolkit (im hesitant to say the name haha) thank you for your response

No worries. You use whatever suits you best! 😛