Game Pass does not recognize my joystick

I have an original DS3. I did all the installation normally and everything is working on Steam and Epic Games. With cable and by bluetooth.

But, I can't use it in Xbox Game Pass games.

This is normal? Is there any way to solve this?


What modes have you tried? Not every type of game will be happy with any mode. Experiment! 😉

@nefarius yes, I tried all these:


The XInput is what I've been using

And it doesn't even work with DS4Windows? Did you emulate an X360 pad?

It should work in DS4Windows mode since I've already tested that DS4Windows' virtual Xbox 360 controller works with game pass games.

Remember that the DS4Windows mode does not work by itself, it needs a companion software.

Follow the instructions in DsHidMini's DS4Windows Mode User Guide

Tks @nefarius and @kirian Thanks for the answers!

I hadn't realized that I would need another software. I followed the instructions and managed to get everything working around here!

Thank you very much!