DsHidMini rtx3060 problem

Looks absolutely fine. After DsHidMini a ton of stuff happened invoked by NVIDIA installers, so you may indeed need that update. I can see nothing out of the ordinary with my drivers.

@nefarius updated and restarted, didn't do anything. Okay, I will try reinstalling windows then, will post here the result later. Thank you for your help!

@mozek yeap, it did help. No idea what that was, but it was scary. Will probably stick to scp next time I try to use my gamepad. Thank you again for your help!

Your choice ofc. I still see no way how DsHidMini could've caused the problem, it does not interact with the devices you had troubles with in any way. SCP can cause even more issues on 10. I advise you simply make a backup and try the installation again, that way nothing can go wrong.


@nefarius hey, it's me again 🙂 Will try to install DsHidMini again, can you please tell me if I should use bluetooth dongle or should it work with my laptop's bluetooth? The guide says "This will automatically pair it to your Windows Bluetooth host if you have working Bluetooth at the time of plugging it in", but I'm not sure about what "host" means here.

It doesn't matter, although it has been reported that external dongles provide lower latency for whatever reason. Bear in mind it is not possible in Windows to use more than one Bluetooth host active at the same time. This is a Windows limitation. So if you wanna give your external Dongle priority, you need to manually disable your integrated Bluetooth host in Device Manager prior to the installation.


@mozek said in DsHidMini rtx3060 problem:

but I'm not sure about what "host" means here.

Host means your Laptop in this case, the machine the controller connects to.

@nefarius weird, because I've used SCP with a dongle while my mouse, keyboard and headphones were using regular laptop's bluetooth. Or is SCP different in this case?

@mozek it's completely different.

@nefarius DsHidMini worked just fine this time. Really weird, I guess there was some other issue, but I didn't do anything else yesterday apart from trying to install it. Probably missed something. Thanks again!