ViGEmBus maybe worked on Windows10 & Windows11 Arm64 already

In order for BetterJoy to work on my arm64 device, I had to compile ViGEmBus for the arm64 platform. At first I thought it might be difficult to do because I did something similar for vJoy but failed.
I used code from the release version of "1.17.333" instead of the master branch.Based on the parameters of Debug x64, I added the Debug ARM64 platform to it. Then modify the target system version to Windows10. Then to ViGEmBus. Add NTARM64 blocks to inf file. Set Debug ARM64 active. The compilation is then completed without any errors.
For generating setup programs, I use the setup module of the master branch. The WIX Toolkit does not currently support the ARM64 platform, so I try to build it using the x64 platform.
Finally, I got the installation package and successfully installed it on my arm64 device. BetterJoy works well.
Well, I'm not sure if other ViGEmBus features will work, but at least it's viable on ARM64.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely include ARM64 in the next major ViGEmBus release, along with many other changes learned from the past.


Was a version for arm64 ever implemented for DsHidMini? I'm having no luck following either the x64 or x86 installation guides under a Windows 11 Parallels installation (app silently fails to start, Device Manager entries do not get added). I'm assuming the lack of arm support is the reason why..?

@jakennotstirred Welp, yeah... neither x86 nor x64 is ARM, there is no ARM build (as stated in the README) so.... end result: it's not gonna work 😛