Not able to connect controller on mobile network


I have an issue when I’m trying to play psnow with my mobile network on my GPD WIN 3.

When I try to connect the default controller of the GPD win 3 with VDX psnow doesn’t detect the controller. It’s happen only on mobile network.

I don’t have this issue with my home wifi network.

I tried to :

Switch on controller mod on the GPD
Open on admin VDX and connect it like a DS4
Launch psnow
Then psnow don’t recognize the controller

It’s only work witch my home network which is very weird …

If it’s happen to someone here, I’m listening 🙂

Thx for your help,


Well, none of my tools have any network dependency so I'd guess you have some firewall or port forwarding issues? To be frank from your description I don't really understand your setup.



Device used : GPD WIN 3
Connexion : 5G iPhone 12 Pro

I’m connected with wifi 5 to my phone.

VDX don’t work only on my mobile network. At home its work well.

What more do you need ?

Thx for your help 🙂

As I said, sounds like a networking issue you need to diagnose and address since I can not possibly know your network architecture. Maybe you need a VPN into your home network, how else would the packets get from your PC/Console to your phone and vice versa?