Fake DS3 Gamepad doesnt connect via bluetooth

bthds3 / fireshock / vigembus installed lastest versions.
onboard bt device is qualcomm atheros qca9377 (lmp 9.602/hci 9.0)
gamepad is polosmart psg04

my gamepad is working perfectly via usb with shibari but cannot connect via bluetooth.
i played game with usb.

how can i connect via bluetooth?

device manager ss

shibari console ss

devices ss

Shibari is EOL as clearly stated on the repository, you're on your own.

@cedricvolokine Shibari is obsolete, so we don't give support to it anymore.

If you are on Windows 10 or above then move over to DsHidMini. It's not as straight-forward to setup but if you managed to install shibari you'll be able to install DsHidMini.

Remember that:

  1. You'll need to fully remove Shibari and its drivers so it doesn't conflict with DsHidMini
  2. Make sure you are using both DsHidMini v2 and BthPs3 v2
    • if using DsHidMini v1 and BthPs3 v2 it won't work. Same if the opposite is true
  3. To achieve Xbox emulation, you'll either need to:
    • Use DsHidMini's XInput Mode + Steam
    • Use DsHidMini's DS4Windows mode + Ryochan7's DS4Windows


i uninstaled bthps3/fireshock/vigembus and shibari

then install bthds3 and dshidmini v2 and my fake gamepad is not working via usb and bluetooth.


i want to connect via bluetooth