Use ViGEm to create XBox 360 controller in C#

@pejman Missing? Which class? Which branch?

namespace Nefarius.ViGEm.Client.Targets.Xbox360
public enum Xbox360Buttons : ushort
Up = 1,
Down = 2,
Left = 4,
Right = 8,
Start = 16,
Back = 32,
LeftThumb = 64,
RightThumb = 128,
LeftShoulder = 256,
RightShoulder = 512,
Guide = 1024,
A = 4096,
B = 8192,
X = 16384,
Y = 32768

i'm talking about the buttons when you hard press the joy sticks or 'up/right', 'up/left', and the rest of it.

You didn't mention the branch name so I'm guessing you're talking about outdated/legacy master.

You mean L3 and R3? They are literally there; LeftThumb and RightThumb.


And please format code sections for better readability, thanks 😄

That is right, LeftThumb and RightThumb was the ones i was looking for, thanks for your response, i noticed combining buttons of directional pad also creates the up/left or up/right and so on. thank you again.

@pejman nice, btw. new API coming up is way less confusing so stick around!

Another question, does your driver support shock feedback?

Yes. Both X360 and DS4.

Can you send a sample code for that? I would appreciate it.

@pejman you simply subscribe to the FeedbackReceived event.

This post is deleted!