Input freezing and crashing while "Closing the connection to ViGEmBus"

I use DS4Windows (v 3.0.18) with my DualSense controller for xbox/non steam games that do not natively support non xbox controllers. Randomly while playing, my inputs will hang. If I was pressing a button at the time, that button will be continually pressed. If I was not pressing a button, it will not register any inputs. The controller is of course still on, the bluetooth connection is still active in Windows at least and DS4 Windows is running and responsive. Although you can see in the vid below it is not registering inputs or even reading any data from the controller. The only "solution" is to close DS4Windows and re load. Stopping and starting the connection does not work, and if I attempt this it hangs on the "Closing connection to ViGEmBus" stage. Perhaps this is the root cause? Although I have already attempted to remove this driver and reinstall using the full unistall tutorial. I've also removed and reinstalled DualSense drivers, Xbox 360 controller drivers and even my Bluetooth adapter drivers from device manager. DS4Windows has also been removed, update and reinstalled (to a new location as well). The issue keeps persisting. If I don't use DS4Windows (ie for a steam game that supports DualSense) the controller never drops out - it does appear to be solely related to DS4Windows and/or its pre req's - I'm specifically thinking ViGEmBus due to it hanging on this step..

Video showing the exact issue :