Migration Madness

Hey! Once again; pace with everything is going slow yet steadily. Thought I might share some more bits about my journey in migrating to a new web server.

Forums back online

We’re now running on NodeBB, hooray! It has been opened for public user registration. The old content is lying around and waits for migration. No estimates on those yet, though. I wish everybody a pleasant stay and enjoyable discussions! 😃

Downloads & Buildbot following next

One of the more critical services like the signed downloads and the build artifacts are up next for the move! I’ll do my best to make the transition as seamless and without (or at least very little) downtime as possible.

The Blog

A bigger bastard is this very site. No because moving a WordPress instance is particularly challenging but containerizing it is. If the lights go out suddenly; no worries, it’s just me 🙃


Another minor change; I’ve set up an alias for the Discord invite link. It can now be shared via https://discord.vigem.org!

Exciting stuff happened at the drivers department as well but that’s for another post. ’till then!