Fake DS3 Controller disconnect Bluetooth after 5s

My Fake Ds3 Controller name "Pro Controller" has connected with bluetooth succesfully but disconnect after few second
this is screenshot a result from trace session
Screenshot 2021-07-27 095502.png

The problem is in my controller or my dongle?

Windows version? Driver version? Literally any missing useful information? 🙂

windows version 21H1, BTHPS3 V 1.3.125 and DSHIDMINI v1.4.222.0

 [L2CAP_PS3_AsyncReadInterruptTransferCompleted]Interrupt read transfer request completed with status STATUS_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED (0xC000009D) (remaining: 0)

The controller just drops the channel connection, can't tell you why, most probably controller issue. I don't support fake DS3s for reasons explained many many times, you're on your own with this.