Vigembus driver wont uninstall

I uninstalled vigembus on my apps & features but the drivers still intact (vigembus.sys) any suggestions?

Use Driver Store Explorer to remove the copy residing in the driver store of Windows, ez gg 😛

Did that but the driver's not showing 😞

@nefarius tried it , but explorer couldn't recognize it so the folder was just blank 😞

@111ira stop double posting, new members need to await moderation. I don't understand what you mean, share screenshots, makes things a thousand times easier to understand.

@nefarius Screenshot (2).png Screenshot (4).png what I mean is vigembus.sys is still installed as a drive even though I uninstalled the setup, I tried to delete it with driver store explorer but it couldn't find the file (vigembus.sys), Tried checking it out this time without driver store explorer and it was present in the same folder. basically driver store explorer can't recognize the drive.

I highly recommend not fooling with these folders, you can do more damage than harm. If Driver Store Explorer doesn't list it, the damage is already done.

Why do you care so much anyway? A driver file that has no service loaded simply just sits there as any other file, it does nothing but occupy a few kilobytes of disk space so I don't understand what we're discussing here...

Heck, every Nvidia GPU driver update leaves countless outdated files on the system, who cares 😁