HidHide hides controller from DS4Windows if it points to DS4Windows linked through a directory junction

hey I use https://github.com/lukesampson/scoop to manage most of my apps and DS4Windows too.
scoop creates a directory junction at %userprofile%\scoop\apps\ds4windows\current which points to the latest version installed.
HidHide correctly adds DS4Windows at the junction and it worked fine for 1 day through multiple reboots (just found HidHide yesterday 🙂 ).
Sadly now it stopped working.
Pointing to the real folder makes it work again but that would be annoying to update everytime DS4Windows gets updated through scoop.
I already reinstalled HidHide without success.
The task manager shows DS4Windows running at the same junction too.

You suffer from a documented issue, it will be fixed in the upcoming release, stay tuned 😘