I'm not a developer. In the last days, I experience a infinite rumble while using a DS4 for play on my PC. This issue isn't common for me because the games I've played don't use frequentely the rumble. But, in the new D&D: Dark Alliance I experiencied this bad thing called "infinite rumble". In DA, each hit active the rumble, as well as the enemy's hit on my character also active the rumble. This has caused infinite rumble in sometimes. My solution was hit on more time to active the rumble again and it's stop. But, I don't like it. Simply, I turned off the vibration. However, my controller "locked" and disconnect and I turn off he.

From there, I googled and found some posts on the DS4Windows's github that talked about it (they're gone recently). I read that it could be something related to a specific version of DS4Windows, but even going back to the mentioned version, I still had the infinite rumble. I started to suspect that it could be something related to VIGEm, because playing Fall Guys (a game that causes rumble to be triggered frequently), on Steam, without third-party software, rumble worked perfectly. So I decided to use some xbox control emulation app called InputMapper to use in D&D: Dark Alliance. And to my surprise: no infinite rumble and no random disconnects.

I believe that one of the two:
1- DS4Windows is having some problem sending rumble to DS4.
2- Sending lightbar and rumble commands can cause these problems (InputMapper doesn't send lightbar commands).

The weirdest thing is that this happens on DS4Windows even with the emulated xbox control, which theoretically doesn't send lightbar commands.

I assume we're talking about Ryochan7's DS4Windows edition?

Basically rumble (and Lightbar changes?) through a virtual DS4 is currently completely disabled as time of writing because of major compatibility issues with games and the ViGEm Bus driver. Until that is fixed properly it will stay disabled because a horde of ignorant pricks floods their issue tracker and wastes everyone's time instead of reading the release notes.

So I'm positiv you experience this case. Since you didn't provide any links or version numbers this is my best guess.