DS3 Controller wont connect with Bluetooth (BTHPS3)

I'm using Windows 10 x64 (2009) | DShidMini | BTHPS3 1.3.127 | VigemBus 1.7.333
This is my Controller Info from USBView,
Device ID Product "PS3 Controller"

is this the only device that currently supported?

PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller
PS(R) Ga`epad
PS3 GamePad
PS(R) Gamepad


and this is my Trace file (ETL file), i don't know if this is right way to do it or not


 [L2CAP_PS3_HandleRemoteConnect]Device A05A5C50BC78 not identified or denied, dropping connection

Hello! Thanks for providing all the necessary info, the indicator what's wrong came a few lines down in the trace:

 [L2CAP_PS3_HandleRemoteConnect]Device A05A5C50BC78 name: Pro Controller

You have this thing which will not work on Windows. Sorry.


ouch, i thought it was different one cause it got PS3 Controller name in USBview, wellp thx btw.

@mlengka93 this is tricky; the product name embedded in the USB descriptor differs from the one in the Wireless part of the chip/firmware, probably necessary to fool the PS3 into accepting an USB connection.