DsHidMini seems to be out of whack upon computer reboot? (Long, detailed post)

Hello! Please bear in mind that I am pretty new here and I had just made an account so that I could share a rather peculiar "issue" or "bug" I may have ran into while using DsHidMini for the short duration since I've installed it.

Sooo long story short, I had finally made the long awaited jump from ScpToolkit to DsHidMini a couple days ago and upon the first two days or so of usage all seemed to go smoothly. No issues on plug & play, bluetooth connected swiftly to my official PS3 Dualshock 3 Sixaxis controller, buttons worked as they should... all in all I was very happy I made the move from the horrendously outdated ScpToolkit.

That all came to a halt today. You see, I hadn't turned off my computer since I installed DsHidMini... I'd just put it to sleep when I'm not using it. But I had to restart my pc to install an update for Windows and once the restart had finished, DsHidMini started to act all weird. For some reason some of the buttons had "re-mapped" themselves and swapped places with other buttons on the controller.

I tried playing a couple of games with it to see what happened and when I'd press a button, it would read it as a totally different button was being pressed (for ex: When X is pressed, SQUARE is triggered. SQUARE is pressed, TRIANGLE is triggered. START button is pressed, SELECT is triggered etc etc...)

This really confused me so I went on a website called Gamepadviewer.com (site where you can visually see a controller's inputs) to test things out further and lo and behold, the inputs were definitely messed up. The part that made it even more weird was that I when I unplugged the usb from the controller and had it connect to my pc via Bluetooth, it would mess up the inputs even more (When plugged in L1 & L2 were swapped and R1 & R2 were swapped. Via Bluetooth though, L1 would swap R3, L2 swaps with SELECT, etc etc).

I have tried multiple restarts, completely uninstalling and reinstalling both DsHidMini AND BthPS3, tried scouring the forums to see if anyone else had a similar issue... to no avail. I had followed the installation instructions for both programs exactly, even the "removing conflicting drivers" section of the guide where I removed ScpToolkit, which I had used prior to DsHidMini.

At this point I really am out of ideas on what to do so if you guys have any ideas please lmk! I'll try and get back to this post as soon as I can whenever I have some free time so thanks in advance! 🙂

Are you sure you aren't simply running it in the wrong mode after the update? Have you checked the docs, guides and settings you use?


@nefarius To be honest I'm not 100% sure what "mode" you could be referring to other than what could be the HID Device Mode in DSHMC.
dshidminicontrol.png If that is it, Yes I have check out each mode individually prior to the writing of this post to see if that could've been what was causing the problem and after trying out each mode the problem still remained.

I had also looked through the guides for both DsHidMini and BthPS3 and their respective FAQs and it seemed I could find nothing to be of help in figuring out what the problem is.

If there is anything else I could do or provide to give better insight of the problem (video of problem taking place, logs, files, etc.) I'll be more than happy to provide them!

Warm Regards 🙂

Yes, that's exactly what I meant. It is covered in the docs why they exist and what they are for. In essence, DSHM simply translates and presents controller inputs to the system. Nothing more, nothing less. If you struggle with the layout not doing what your games expect the safest route is to use it in combination with DS4Windows to emulate a well known gamepad, also covered in great detail in the documentation. Other than that I don't expect an unchanged driver to magically change its core behaviour I'm afraid 😉


ScpToolKit presented your DS3 as if it were a Xbox 360 controller to Windows by default. This is NOT the case with DsHidMini. Because most games expect a Xbox 360 controller to work properly, using your controller in most Hid Devices Modes will get you a broken layout.

To have the same functionality (Xbox 360 emulation), DsHidMini requires a few extra steps.

Read the links below: