Remap 3rd controller on 2nd?

Hey folks!

First of all, sorry if this question isn't strictly connected to ViGEm but I don't really know where else I could look for my help. I've tried through rewasp, x360ce,... and no luck...

I run a computer in an Vewlix with an iPac Ultimate I/O PCB. What iPac does, is that it creates 2 x360 controllers on my computer (which are respectively, left "arcade stick" and right "arcade stick".

My cab is really closed, and it's really difficult for me to disconnect the things. In fact, I can't remove only one controller without having issues (because of the iPac drivers who work together).

When I'm with my friends, we play through Parsec little tournaments. On games like Tekken, when I loose, I just quit, another user presses START, and then my two friends connected in Parsec play together. But on a lot of other games, like Samurai Shodown or Street Fighter V, only the first and second xInput controllers (#0, #1) work on the game. And when a friend of mine connects, it will always be on #2 or more. Do you know any way for me to make this work? I presume x360ce doesn't work because of iPac drivers as I said...

I've been able to fuse two x360 controllers (#0, #2) through rewasd once, but on the next day, it stopped working. But I think that joining controllers, like people who have a steering wheel and pedals connected would be a good idea, but I haven't been able to make it work with WORLD of JOYSTICKS...

From that point I think that the easiest way for me to make it work would be to just remap manually, all #2 inputs on #0, or #1 to make them work together because noone will touch the physical panel at this moment.

I'm sorry to make such a messy thread, I like to do things on my own, but it has been a lot of nights trying to find a solution till 5AM without founding any solution... just as an example, I'm the guy who made this post lol.

NB: If it can be none related to the .exe and really global for the computer, it would be better, because a lot of emulators use some external decoders for inputs.

If my post isn't in the good place, well, my apologies to the people of this forum, and thanks to the admin who will delete the post. ^^

Welcome! Maybe HidHide can aid you there by hiding the 2nd pad that occupies the player slot?


Hey, @nefarius thank you for your answer and your hard work. I had already gived a try to hidhide couple of years ago (to play MK with Dinput controller), but I'm gonna give another try.

Thx for the idea! You maybe you saved my day. ^^

@tathan HidHide didn't exist a couple of years ago, it was ever first released like 2 to 3 months ago 😜 What you mean is HidGuardian which is not the same thing and couldn't hide XInput.

@nefarius ohhh nice to know then! Excuse me for the "offense" I suppose it happens to you a lot if you knew it directly. ^^

Oh by the way...
Sorry but my issue is still here. May I have downloaded the dependencies bad?


When I first opened the application, the two controllers of my I-Pac appeared (with no issue), but when I tried to remove one of them it said "denied" like you can see on the screenshot. I've seen you talked about this possibility in your Github but couldn't find a solution for my personal case...

I presume that the issue comes because I-Pac is "used by a tool" to map controls, and HidHide can't go over it? Or am I wrong?

I can't stop I-Pac drivers because if I do, it will just stop working.

Thanks in advance, for your answer, or maybe to another good folk who'll be able to help! 🙂

Orh... Sorry, is there a possibility to merge this to the other post?

NB: I've forgotten to say that my second controller (the one "hidden") still works in game, even after adding to HidHide all the ".exe" I've been able to find in Samurai Shodown folder...

Are you by any chance using machine translation?

@nefarius what does machine translation mean? I don't think so, I just have my I-Pac connected in USB, Ipac Ultimate program and "normal drivers".

Little update. In fact... it seems to work when I disconnect both controllers. BUT, there's still one issue : Samurai Shodown. Even after adding all the exes in the app, it doesn't make effect. Any idea?

@tathan said in Remap 3rd controller on 2nd?:

Even after adding all the exes in the app, it doesn't make effect.

What exactly do you mean by that? Bear in mind, I don't know most of the software and games you reference so I need more context 😉