ViGEm XOutput with Switch emulates as two controllers

I installed XOutput for my Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and it told me to install ViGEm. The problem now is that games read first the ViGEm emulated controller rather than the XOutput's one.
This wouldn't be a problem normally, it would be even better, the problem is that it assigns buttons in a wrong way, which makes it hard to play any game.
I tried with HidGuardian, but it hides the "old" controller, meaning that I still have the new one with wring button assignment.

I am asking if there is any way of changing ViGEm settings to change this. Thanks.

ViGEm has no "settings", it emulates a controller as instructed. Anything else lies in the hand of the program instructing it. You should probably await the release of HidHide.


XOutput emulates a Xbox controller by using ViGEm, meaning that ViGEm is not at fault here, in fact, everything is working exactly as it should.

If there are buttons assigned the wrong way, that can only means that:

  • You've set Xoutput incorrectly or
  • You are confusing XInput's with Nintendo's button scheme. In the Nintendo controller, A/B and X/Y have their position switched when compared to the XInput scheme (Xbox controller)