BSOD When Player 2 On Parsec Presses any button.

Tried playing fighting games with me as host on parsec. At first controller wasn't recognized at all. I read solutions online, and it lead me to this driver. I downloaded it, and in games, I see the 2nd controller even when not on Parsec. When I do parsec with a friend, as soon as he presses anything, my computer BSODs. Also, after I use the setup to uninstall it, it continues to BSODs during parsec as well.

Parsec uses the same driver, they simply have it within their own installer so it makes no difference if you download my copy or theirs.

If you want a BSOD addressed and resolved, you need to whip out way more information, versions you're using, exact Windows OS version, what other tools and drivers installed etc. otherwise I can't help 🙂