[DsHidMini] Hiding both GPJ devices with x360ce


I am trying to use x360c (HIDGaurdian from it) to hide both the pads that the GPJ creates.

Why? you may ask.
Well, Need for Speed Underground 1/2 have a Widescreen patch that enables various other things, one of them is XINPUT support (or partial).
So, what I need to do to use both triggers of the DS3 is to config x360ce using GPJ.
The problem with this, is that for some reason, I can't hide the 2 devices that DsHidMini and thus, the games pick 3 pads at once. While this won't be an issue in maybe other games, we have the analog Dpad of the DS3 "stuck" in the upper right corner not allowing to navigate the game's menus.

I don't know which issues it is, if it's HIDGuardian, x360ce or DsHidMini, not allowing to hide both devices created in HIDGuardian.

I hope it's clear what I asked. As I am tired and my English not that good to boot.

Thank you!

If you want Xinput emulation why not use the controller in ds4 mode in conjuction with ds4windows?
Not only it allows you to emulate xbox/ds4 controllers, there is already section in the guide on how to hide the real controller with HIDGuardian/HIDNinja.

Now, on what you actually asked. I tried reproducing what you tried and x360ce also fails to hide the 2 controllers of GPJ. I marked as "hide" both the Gamepad and the Joypad controllers of GPJ, then on the option "HIDGuardian" -> "Synchronize to HIDGuardian" and it fails to update the affected device list (tested in administrator mode, and when clicking on "HIDGuardian" -> "Show hidden devices" it says there are none).

This seems to be a bug on x360ce, because I used ds4windows' built-in tool "HIDNinja" to manually hide the devices, as shown in the screenshot:

And when I went back to x360ce and chose "HIDGuardian" -> "Show hidden devices" it correctly listed their entries.

If you wish to continue in the x360ce route, you can download ds4windows just to use HIDNinja to add their entries to the affected list as shown in the screen shot and then use x360ce as normal.

Hello Kirian.

Thank you so much for your input.

Yes, of course the first thing I tried was using DS4Windows for emulating the x360 pad.
Thing is, I can't seem to be able to do what I need.
If I use it DS4W for that, when In game, it acts as if both triggers are 100% (mapping one to the analog stick left and one as a trigger). But, with x360ce, I can map to triggers but use Half axis and that fixes it. But, not being able to hide the DInput pads, makes it a problem.

It's hard to explain what I mean.

I will try to use HIDNinja then.
Thank you again!

If you could better explain it I'd be glad, got curious now


I will try to make a video at this point explaining at best of my capacity what's the problem.