BSOD when using ViGEmBus on Parsec

I was first in contact with parsec support and they told me to get support from here because this issue only happens when the drivers are installed. Anyways the issue happens when a person presses a button on their controller during a parsec session, then I get a blue screen of death.

Greetings, mate!

Whip out some serious information; Windows version and architecture? ViGEmBus version? Exact message on crash screen? Since when does it happen? Is Steam Enhanced Xbox Support enabled? Do you have a file C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP?


@nefarius (Sorry for taking so long to respond I've been busy) Windows 10 64-bit, 1.16.116 ViGEm installed so the latest I'm pretty sure, "Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you: Stop Code SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, What failed: ViGEmBus.sys". This happened not too long ago I'm not aware of anything I could have done in order to cause this, Xbox Enhanced Support is not enabled, but I had it enabled at one point. No such file called Memory.DMP exists at the moment and I just blue screened a bit ago to see if it would generate one.

@supersonicvader said in BSOD when using ViGEmBus on Parsec:

1.16.116 ViGEm installed so the latest I'm pretty sure

Nope, that is almost 2 years old now, look at the GitHub page and update 😉


@nefarius so sorry I actually had both download files because I tried using an older version after the latest bsod me, so I listed off the most recent file which was the 2 year old on, just double checked and re installed the latest version and it still blue screens me

Do you happen to have the Steam Xbox Extended Features Driver active? If so disable it until the new Beta client has a potential fix for incompatibility:


@nefarius I have that off and pretty sure it's always been off

Ah bummer, I see, so next idea. I'll write a quick guide on how to make sure a proper memory dump is created, thankfully with every Windows 10 update it gets harder to find that UI 🙄😜

@nefarius Do you have the guide yet?

Unfortunately not, no time.

@nefarius Oh it also now says sometimes WDF_VIOLATION or ViGEmBus.sys

I got a memory dump but I have no clue if its ok since I have like blue screened 10 different times testings stuff, anyways heres the link