Im Using ScpToolKit For My PS4 Controller On PC And It Was Working Fine Before But For Some Reason It Just Wont Work Does Anyone Know Anything About This Or Is There A Forum Post On This Somewhere?

No proper title, no description of basically anything, yep, very easy to help 🙄

SCP is dead (like stated literally everywhere), you're on your own with it 🤠


@nefarius oh sorry it was a issue with my ScpToolKit program with using a strike pack fps dominator program is loading but there is no connection (the controller dosent work) is there any alternative to allow me to use the strike pack on pc seeing how your saying that it is dead ?

Is that a PS4/DS4 accessory? If so why do you even need SCP? Shouldn't it just work out of the box with Windows?

@nefarius Its a ps4 accessory but does not auto connect to my pc when plugged in no, only if it was directly connected to my ps4 then it would work i use to be able to use it threw steam (big picture mode) but thats no longer working either so with some half ass research on YouTube I was directed to ScpToolKit to use and now thats also failed me so idk anymore