Is something wrong with my bthps3? pls help. cant connect my ds3



is something wrong with my bthps3 or is my ds3 fake? cause i can connect my ds3 just fine in my ps3 but cant in scp and betterds3. pls help


see here and here.


@nefarius do i need to get the trace file or are u gonna do it? i only have the .etl file

That is the trace file 😁 and yes, you can throw that my way for analysis, just drag and drop it in a new post and it should upload just fine.

@nefarius problem is, there is nothing in my .etl file. what am i doing wrong?

If you run the steps as by the article, it will work. Try rebooting beforehand, or unplug your Bluetooth host, start the trace, then plug it in and try the connection again, after everything is done, stop the trace. If you stop the trace to soon, nothing or too little will be captured.

@nefarius heres the .etl files

i hope it isnt becuz my controller is not supported.

@nefarius anonfiles decided to not work so i have a new link

Thanks, the file was very helpful, unfortunately your controller is not supported.


@nefarius awww.. welp. theres nothing i can do about it. thanks for helping through the end