Any Chance BthPS3 affects Bluetooth audio Headset?

I apologize for how broad this subject is. I am pretty sure I have a functional workaround, so no rush, but I was just curious if it was even possible for this to happen or if its just coincidence.

So I have a pair of Boltune BT-BH020 Bluetooth buds. My wife has same pair. Both Windows 10 laptops. ONly In the handsfree mode, Mine will randomly garble the audio to wear the only fix is to disable and reenable the bluetooth. This does not happen if the earbuds are in stereo mode. Hers never does this. The only software difference I can think of is that I use the BthPS3 driver over my bluetooth connection. SO my question is, is it possible that BthSP3 is randomly causing the garbles? More curious than anything else. I just use stereo mode as a workaround for now. I was just curious if I may have to stick with wired for video conferencing consistency.

AMAZING work your doing. Thank you so much for this AMAZING software.

@kue said in Any Chance BthPS3 affects Bluetooth audio Headset?:

AMAZING work your doing. Thank you so much for this AMAZING software.

Thank you kindly 🤘

Very odd behaviour. The audio traffic has to go through the filter driver, but the only thing that does is alter a very specific packet unique to HID devices, not audio.

You can try to open the configuration utility (shipped with the latest version) and disable the filter and see if that changes anything:



@nefarius Thanks so much for the tip. I ran the test today and just thought you'd like to know its DEFINITELY NOT BthPS3. I disabled the filter like you said and it still happened.

Upon further toying around. In the Device settings for the earbuds, one of the services that was checked off was Serial port. I Unchecked that and so far no garbling. I know its not tied to BthPS3 but I figured I'd share the "solution" just in case anyone else runs into a similar issue. Hopefully one less question asked of you. Thanks for all your help man. YOU ROCK!

Thanks for the feedback 👍