BthPS3 won't let me install the bluetooth drivers in windows 7 on any computer

Hello, good morning when I try to install the bluetooth 4.0 or 2.1 or 2.0 drivers it does not allow me, I have original control of Screenshot_13.png ps

with motionjoy, BetterDs3, ScpToolkit, it works but with BthPS3 I can't install it

Screenshot_25.png Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png Please help me, I beg you, I am interested in your program, I want you to always turn on my computer and I turn on the control pair (ScpToolkit, so I put delayed automatic start, it keeps crashing. In that sense, for that reason I stopped using it)


As stated in the README and the guide Windows 7 is not supported for BthPS3, sorry mate.


@nefarius Hello, good afternoon, there is a possibility, any way that it can be compatible, please do not forget the operating system W7, I do not have money to back up my information to opt for W10, nor do I perform well with that operating system, both the administrator of Task like the defender of windows etc but the lot of applications slow me down so I opted for W7 for 13 years.
I hope you can take people into account the W8.1 and 7 system, I beg you, it would be the best Christmas and Three Kings gift.

I will not support anything below Windows 10 anymore for reasons I explained many times already (Microsoft signing requirements), sorry mate.

@nefarius hello good night if i understand what you mean when you mention microsoft.
Surely you mean that they removed the support for automatic updates (Not all) . I realize that if microsoft advised you, jump off a capable cliff and pay attention to it.
I would understand that outside of windows xp you did not support it but Windows 7 an operating system with a lot of potential. They will always do the same with the other systems, when they remove support from W8.1 and 10, they will surely follow the bad example of people not supporting programs or games. I see that badly, I see it selfish because in if it's like forcing a person to wear something they don't want forced.
If you can advise me a program that allows me to install the PS3 drivers other than the ones mentioned above, since motion joy does install the ps3 drivers BUT, the joystick does not work for me
Let me explain myself only I am interested in installing the drivers by bluetooth, I am not interested in cable.
I tried to use motionjoy bluetooth drivers plus X360ce, I wanted to make the X360ce start with the operating system and be automatically configured as x360. and if I succeed but, BUT the two joysticks of the controller do not work, I would have to use motion joy the settings of PS2 or PS3 and set enable, even so, if you start the operating system with motion joy it does not start the configuration that I want if not it Default for that reason is an incomplete application.
I also tried to install the bluetooh drivers with motion joy but I managed to make Better DS3 start with the operating system through some configurations with gpedit.msc making the program start with the operating system but, BUT sometimes it starts with the system well, other times not. it appears in the started task manager but that does not mean that it works since it fails to boot to 100% (sometimes)
So I was wondering if you know any ps3 driver via bluetooth other than the ones I mentioned since I started the conversation. ?
greetings and happy party

I understand that this is frustrating but outside my reach. Please educate yourself on the topic of so called driver signature enforcement and you'll understand my choice. It is not in my power to provide production signed drivers without significant work on my end that is simply not worth it for a free community project. This has nothing to do with Windows Update. Microsoft wants to phase out ISV drivers for older OS editions below 10 and again, there is nothing I can or will do about it because that's the rules of their platform. It's unpleasant but that's the fact. The sources are still Windows 7 compatible but that means little if you can't sign them. You can use the driver on 7 if you compile it yourself and run the system permanently in test signing mode, which is unadvised since it opens the potential of getting malicious code loaded. That's all I have to say on that topic and my final statement on supporting anything lower than Windows 10.


@nefarius hello good afternoon if you received donations (or a number of money of your choice) would you give compatibility with W7, W8.1?
I am youtuber, I am joining with people, to give compatibility with the operating system that they deserve (of course not free)

I'll think about it in the new year earliest. After mid-January or so, before I'll take some time off.

I need to dust off 4 PCs, 2 with Windows 7 x86/x64 and 2 with Windows 8.1 x86/x64 and the old Lab Kit Server and see if I can even pass the tests for the drivers. This is not a given, it needs to be tested, only then I can even consider submitting them to Microsoft for Windows 7 and 8.1 certification.

Cheers for now and happy holidays ✨

@nefarius Thank you very much friend happy year, I hope and I know about the project I have that hope since the ps3 controller has a lot of potential, I know that anything can be achieved, you write to me privately, I am willing to support you, I also plan to advertise with a tutorial to the bthps3 so that more people know your work and appreciate it a lot (as I do right now)

Hello, good morning my good friend, he asked me how you are doing with the Project, have you advanced something? You have good news for me? I send you a coordinated greeting.


my current life duties have not allowed for investing any further than bugfixes and feature additions necessary for DsHidMini, which in turn finally broke support with Windows 7, neither has the sponsorship or interest changed.

So I have nothing new to report other than what isn't already public in the repository anyway.

@nefarius Hello good afternoon, when you have more time later do not forget the poor.
I plan to help, the windows 7 project, I am refusing to let it die. So later I will contribute, you have my word of honor.
I am moving forward as Youtubers but later I will be able to help in the project.
do not give up friend what you do no, you do it anyone. your knowledge is recognized by me


I can only repeat myself: Microsoft has deemed Windows 7 dead and they even go as far as to severely put obstacles in the way of any independent driver developer (me). It is in no way feasible for me as a single individual and business owner to further invest in a dead platform where the manufacturer actively wants to see driver support die for a community/hobby project that I don't intend to monetize and declare feature-complete.

Sorry pal, it ain't going to happen. Not from me. I need to go with the future and that is Windows 10 for kernel drivers only.