Help SCP Tookit broke dongle permanently.

I installed SCP toolkit to connect my P3 controller to my bluetooth dongle, did not work. However I can now no longer use my bluetooth dongle at all. I've tried reinstalling drivers for original bluetooth dongle, removing SCP toolkit, following a removal guide:
Did everything, restarted, replugged in, redownloaded drivers. Nothing works, my bluetooth dongle just doesn't work. It read on my computer, but the button to switch it on under bluetooth and other device settings is just gone.

Can anyone please help 😢

It's impossible to "destroy" hardware with just a driver swap (except in really really rare edge-cases that will not apply here) so heads up 😁

Start by sharing some more info and most importantly: screenshots of what your dongle is called, its hardware ID, what state it is in etc. you can gather all that info in Device Manager.


EDIT: provide Windows version etc. Info, Info, Info!