ViGEm.NET not working with Unity?

I was trying to use ViGEm [C#] using this tutorial to help me.
But when I was writing the code, a red underline appeared on using Nefarius.ViGEm.Client;
It said: The type or namespace 'Nefarius' could not be found. (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

How do I make this work with Unity? I have carefully done every step of the tutorial.

That's a very generic .NET error message and has little to do with Unity. Are you sure you have the correct NuGet package referenced? There's at least two, the recent one and a deprecated one. The correct one is this one.


I'm sure I have the correct NuGet package. Only one showed up, and it's version 1.6.150. I also noticed that when I followed the steps to change the version of .NET Framework to v4.5.2, the properties window just doesn't show up. So I do not know what version of .NET Framework I'm using.
The documentation says that ViGEm for C# supports .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher, but in Visual Studio, it says that it can work only at version 4.5.2.

Odd, could you drop by the full build log details please? And the build environment you use (Visual Studio version etc.). The package needs .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher, correct. No, it is not clamped down on exactly that version, that would make no sense and I wonder why and where your VS would claim that. So in essence, more info pls!


Sorry, I ended up extracting the DLL from the NuGet package and it ended up fine.