Connecting a Bluetooth gamepad to PC using Android phone

I want to know if there is any way that i can use a gamepad (XBOX ONE / PS4) connected to my phone via Bluetooth with my PC. I mean, Parsec does the same thing and it use ViGEm but I don't want to stream so I want the input only.
Thanks for your help.


In your scenario, what would be the controller? The Android phone I assume?


Or do you wanna connect a physical pad (Xbox, DS4, ...) to your Android phone and then transfer the inputs to PC via network?

Thanks for your reply,
The controller will be a bluetooth controller (XBOX ONE / PS4).
Yes I want to connect physical controller to the phone via bluetooth and transfer input to PC via network.

I can't really aid much here, it's a fairly special setup, ViGEm can take care of the emulation part on the Windows host but everything in between is up to you, either by gluing together existing solutions or programming them from scratch, this isn't a task where I could say "oh yeah, there's program X that does exactly that".


Look at the individual challenges and solve them. Can you connect the controller to your Android phone? Good, one task done. Can you read the inputs via some app/API? Good, next step, get them to the PC. How? Probably WiFi although I think the latency is not really good for gaming inputs. Maybe Bluetooth too? Look into that. How to receive on PC side? Probably some sort of sockets, via UDP. Then glue that into the ViGEm framework and you got it. Parsec took care of all of that and it wasn't designed or developed in a day either 😉

Good luck!

@nefarius Thank you.