Controller connected through bluetooth but lights keep flashing

Hi! I managed to install everything properly on my laptop, everything works as expected and before, my main controller (red ds3) used to work perfectly without any issues, i even disabled vibration and everything still worked. However recently after connecting my controller to the laptop the lights keep flashing even after the controller connects and works perfectly. The problem persists even after charging it over night. My other (black) ds3 works perfectly with no issues however my main (red) one has the flashing lights issue. I dont really want to use the black one since i mainly use it for my ps3 and it doesnt really work that well anymore, the sticks are getting pretty old. I tried resetting it to factory multiple times (holing the reset button with a paperclip) to no avail. Any help would be kindly appreciated.

TL;DR: Red DS3 connects properly however the 4 lights keep flashing.


Then the question remains: what changed 😉


i have no idea, i think it might be because i connected it to my ps3 but i factory reset it after that too, and i did the same with the black one and the lights work properly, dont flash and distract me. Also, wired connection works well, the lights dont flash and only the first one lights up, as it should. As soon as i disconnect the cable the lights start flashing and dont stop after the controller connects so i have no idea if its something on my part or if its a bug.

We had many encounters of these "flashing cases", unfortunately the cause (and a lasting solution) isn't really known.

In short, the DS3's flashing LEDs is the default state after being powered on, it has nothing to do with battery level or anything else. The controller needs a so called Output Report Packet that is periodically sent to it and instructs it how to set the LEDs and to activate or stop rumble motors. That's basically it.

In my implementation (I assume you run Shibari) I only send these reports on state change because it makes the battery last longer and doesn't send unnecessary packets. Some controllers need to receive these packets like every 10ms or so, some don't care, some won't even accept properly sent packets if the timing is wrong.

So it's a mess I have no answer for and probably can't aid in resolving it. I've also recently brought this down to paper.


wow, that's really interesting, sure as hell didnt expect it but thanks anyways for your time and i love your work, stopped me from spending extra dough on an xbox controller.

From what you describe I think it's a timing sensitive issue 🙁