New knowledge base platform


Users with a keen eye might have already noticed the appearance of a new link in the menu bar. The taboo word of the year: Documentation! 😅

That’s right, I’ve finally settled for a new solution and platform where I can publish and maintain in-depth (and hopefully: up-to-date) documentation for all of my projects that escaped the development dungeon.

You might remember a link to a Wiki? That’s gone for good now. I tried really hard to find a decent solution for both authors and consumers but failed miserably by sticking to the WordPress ecosystem. For a blogging and news platform I gotta admit; WordPress is still the quickest solution and a good compromise between simplicity and complexity – of that makes any sense at all 🤔 Anyway, but as soon as you try to extend its CMS capabilities any further outside the bounds it was designed for, things get down hill really fast. So a new system had be put in place. And I’m glad that I’ve found such a system.

The new page is powered by MDwiki, an SPA (Single Page Application) running logic entirely in the client browser and rendering documents based on Markdown files. This allows for use of basically any text editor to spin up new articles or edit existing ones. Without the dependency of a database it’s also very simple to back up and manage the entire thing with Git and e.g. accept new content via Pull Request mechanism. Plus the content consisting of Markdown allows for a painless transition to different platforms, if the need ever surfaces.

So yeah, I’m pretty satisfied with this development and the knowledge base is growing rapidly (well, rapid for my pacing that is 😋) and should also get indexed by search engines soon.

That’s it for now, have a good one!