Autowhitelister and steam not working together (UWP Problems)

OK, I use steam desktop configuration to simulate my controller as a mouse. Works great for everything under the sun and I like it better than a mouse in most instances (unless playing cnc red alert 2 lol). Joking aside, I find it infuriating that MS has forced our beloved controller input to be forwarded to the start menu and settings app and any other app that you download from the app store. There should be a system wide setting to just disable it tbh, but they still havent done it.

So what I was trying to do was use autowhitelister.exe to block all controller input to windows. Then forward the controller input to steam. And it saeemed to have worked great for blocking input to windows, but when I click "pick app" in autowhitelister the selection changes to "steam" but there is no controller detected in steam itself.

So the TL;DR version:
UWP SUCKS, thought autowhitelister would block controller input system wide and forward it to steam after clicking "pick app" and selecting steam but it didn't work. Whitelister blocks windows controller input in start menu and settings etc, but it DOES NOT forward input to steam.

Would be COOL AF if yall released just a hidguardian that blocked this annoying UWP controller input.

It's not as easy as it sounds; UWP is a lot different than traditional Win32 applications and I am not sure if any HidGuardian-like approach can do anything about it. HidGuardian identifies which process tries to open the device, AFAIK in UWP there is no concept of one process equals one game, rather more some sandbox-like approach but that is just me guessing, I have no idea about the details.


Well it DOES stop the input to the start menu and settings and most likely other UWP apps. The controller connects fine as well and is registered as connected, so hidguardian blocks the controller input to everything. I just need to figure out why it won't forward the input signals to steam. Just incase you missed it, it already stops input in UWP apps, just won't forward signal to steam or any other program..

its like i just cant get it to actually forward that signal to any programs. It already seems to have blocked the input system wide.

Also, I am using this auto whitelister/whiteknight program. Maybe it is this program bugging out? Is there a better version to use than the white knight/ autowhitelister.exe?

Ah so it does block it system-wide then but the whitelist doesn't seem to work. This can have many reasons; the app that you use is somehow broken (can't really say much for that) or the used driver version is incompatible with the application.