Cannot truly hide X360 controller from apps?

I have an old X360 HOTAS (the Ace-Edge from Ace Combat 6) that windows 10 automatically recognizes as an X360 controller, though it shows up in joy.cpl with the Ace-Edge name. The way the physical hotas controls are mapped to X360 commands, particularly how the throttle and rudder are mapped to the trigger axes, generates input ranges different from what programs expect, is awkward, and leaves it less usable than it could be in all the games I've tried.

With the release of Star Wars Squadrons I spent a couple hours going down the rabbit hole of vJoy, Joystick Gremlin, and HIDGuardian/HIDCerebus, and thought I'd been successful -- joy.cpl only saw my vJoy controller, all the buttons axes were mapped from the Ace-Edge to the vJoy controller just how I wanted them, joy.cpl recognized axes moving as I intended, etc. But Squadrons still picked up the device as a controller and locked me into the controller input schemes, though I could tell it also saw the vJoy device. I didn't get duplicated inputs, as it seems that it would only process the inputs as controller inputs.

I could see that the controller remained in the Device Manager as an Xbox controller in a separate section from Human Interface Devices, and disabling it there naturally makes it unusable completely. A fair amount of time spend on google hasn't found anything promising. Any way within HIDGuardian to get this to work? Or any other leads to follow?


TL;DR: nope, that's not possible, but we're currently working on a tool that can. Should be release-ready in under a month or two.


@nefarius Hi nefarius. I am now curious about this new tool you are talking about. Looking at the main Vigem site, I assume you are talking about HidHide? Do you have any info/new progress with it?

I use a Hori Apex Wheel. "270 degrees/bungee". It's an excelent wheel for the price. It's just that it uses Xinput. Forza Horizon 4 detects Xinput as a Controller and applies it's "Magical Assists" to the Steering. Anything 30mph or over, and the Steering Angle is hugely reduced. Makes it hard to use Rally Cars, and impossible to catch slides at speed.

I hope your tool truly can hide Xinput. It will mean a world of difference to not only me, but everyone else who has Xinput equipment.

@paradise12314 hello! That is it indeed 😁 we're "finished" so to say but are in closed beta testing, aiming for a release mid December.

Yes, XInput hiding is supported!

Looking forward to this project reaching completion. I am attempting something a bit involved where I combine my arcade cabinet's DInput controls with optional wireless DInput controllers to get a top-level controllers. The process right now is multilayered and multifaceted since I have to use a combination of tools (Joystick Gremlin and XOutput) to get hide the physical hardware and get the virtual unified controller to show up on top. At any rate, I was forced to purchase DInput controllers in lieu of using my on-hand Xbox One ones because I cannot hide them from the XInput enumerated ones in the system. I am certain this will allow me more flexibility for my arcade configuration in going forward thanks to this.

Hello! Wanna join a waiting party of those who need this hiding solution. Bro Nefarius, if you need any assistance in a testing please be welcome to incorporate us in the process.