PS3 controller does not work via Bluetooth

Hi. I have a small problem when using Shibari, and that is that I cannot use my ps3 controller via Bluetooth, but the usb cable works perfectly. When trying to use the controller with Bluetooth, it is recognized by my computer as "Xbox 360 controller for windows'", but it does not recognize button presses. I am attaching a screenshot of Shibari.
I use a notebook for this.


for me, this is happened because I didn't install it properly.
I should install BthPs3 right after vigem and fireshock installed.
BthPs3 also had vigem installation but it didn't work for me so I pick dedicated installer of vigem.
I suggest you to uninstall them all (BthPs3, fireshock and vigem)
after that, uninstall driver (it still exist on your computer). Iam using this tools: (just find driver by Nofarius software solutions and also vigembug.inf by Benjamin Hoeglinger-Stelzer if u already use latest version of vigembus, uninstall them all)

now everything is clean, and make sure you had latest version of fireshock and vigembus check here: (
just install them again but install BthPs3 right after fireshock and vigembus installed.

Do I have to do anything else to actually pair my controller to my PC? Everything seems to be installed fine but I can't get anything to work with bluetooth...