Duplicate Controller Registration

  • I'm able to install and running Shibari Server.
    And my PS3 Wireless controller is successfully registered.

    But when I check in Windows 10 Game Controllers setting it show 2 controller registered.

    1. XBOX 360 Controller
    2. Wireless Controller


    It's fine when I play single player game, but when using the controller in multiplayer game.
    The game assume 2 controller is connected, and pressing a button (i.e Start) will start the game with 2 players mode but controlled by same input.

    The work around is by deleting Wireless Controller from Control Panel, but I have to do it every time I connected PS3 controller.

    PS: When I connected second controller, four controller registered, same pattern.

  • Solved, after downloaded latest version of Shibari, it only show one XBOX 360 Controller.
    Thanks for creating this wonderful tools.


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