FireShock: exposing pressure-sensitive buttons via HID API

Quick update from the pits of hell a.k.a. European summer 2018 😰

Although it’s been silent for quite a while now I’m still on-off working on the reincarnations of the device drivers for my beloved DualShock 3 controller. I’ve gotten though many design phases, implementations and testing and now made a 180° turn back into kernel-land, unchaining myself from pesky user-mode limitations. Therefore the next release(s) will be able to function without any additional software (well, besides the device drivers, of course) whatsoever and can be spoken to vial DirectInput/RawInput/HID-API 😃

I don’t wanna leak to much info to fuel the hype (if there is any) but here’s a short demonstration of the pressure-sensitive buttons being exposed as Joystick axes.

DIView, HID Trace

Youtube Video

HTML5 Gamepad Tester

Youtube Video

Well then, ’till next time, stay cool 😎