Parsec+Vigem+ps4 Remote Play dont work properly

I have try emule a Ds4 with a gamepad trough Parsec (a streaming gaming software) to play ps4 on remote play.

(Why am I doing that? Well my ps4 is not my principal system because I and my brother are sharing our ps4 library. So, I can't play remotely my ps4 directly through internet but yes in LAN. I found Parsec to play my pc through internet easily and It's great! But It emule a Xbox controller in the host. I thought that I could fix that with Vigem.) This seems to work, but some buttons don't work and others are changed.

Is there any solution?


Well, how did you emulate the DS4? Because Parsec by default simply takes the client X360 pads, sends their signals over network and on the host emulates the X360 with ViGEm. AFAIK they don't (yet) do DS4 emulation out-of-the-box.

Hi, I don't exactly get how you're trying to connect to the PS4, what I get is you're using a PC to connect another PC that connects to the PS4 via remote play, or am I wrong? If that's the case I've done something similar but using other software (moonlight) that uses xinput as well, to send input to the host PC, so first I needed to use something that changed the direct input to xinput, in the case of a ds4 controller, ds4windows in the client PC, then the input arrives at the host as a Xbox controller, so in the host PC I used Vigem, to emulate the DS4, using the "Xbox controller" input, so it works with remote play, don't know if that helps at all

You're welcome to try out x360ce alpha (hence the word "try"). You can map your controllers from your DS4 and it'll create a system-wide XBox360 controller. Parsec can then grab this XBox360 and create an XBox360 on the host system.

Quick Tutorial:

  1. Download the latest x360ce alpha at:
  2. Map your controllers in the x360ce alpha application.
  3. Press the "enabled mapped device" button after configuring your mappings
  4. Restart Parsec and attempt to connect the host machine

If you don't mind, please report back whether or not this is working for you. That way we can help out other users with the same problems.

Also Note:
This is third-party software and in alpha condition, it may or may not work. So goodluck!