3DConnexion SpaceMouse as Input?

Hi All,
I've been poking around trying to see if I can find a way to use a 3DConnexion Spacemouse as a gamepad input. I'd like to assign movement along the various Spacemouse axis to specific commands on a gamepad. Installation and use of ViGEm seems pretty in-depth, so I figured I'd see if this is even the right software for the job.

Does ViGEm have the capabilities I think it does? If I go through the installation and setup process, should I be able to pass Spacemouse input into a virtual xbox360 controller and use it in games?

ViGEm is a developers framework. It doesn't care how you provide the inputs for the virtual controllers as long as you program against its API.

ViGEm is not a general purpose gamepad driver, you as a developer need to come up with the code required to e.g. make your mouse talk to it.

Check out the various repository READMEs as well.