Sending input to a specific window in Windows 10

Hey! Sorry for this naive question, I'm a noob to the whole gaming peripherals world and was using ViGEm for a project. I want to be able to connect 4 ViGEm clients to one machine and route each client to a specific process so that it's input can only be sent to that 1 window/process. Does anyone have any insight on how I can potentially do this? I've been sending the last couple days trying to figure this out but I seem to be stuck!

That task is too big for 2-3 lines of explanation, but the sources of this tool might give you great insights.

ViGEm creates a system-wide pad, it can't help you with this specific task. The Windows Input System isn't designed for that, you'll need to dive deep into the various input APIs and find ways to manipulate them towards your needs.


Thanks a ton! Appreciate taking the time to answer all these questions 🙂