Need to Reconnect Controller Every Time (scptoolkit)

Hello. I am using the Strikepack F.P.S. Dominator on my dualshock 4. To simulate a Xbox controller (so it is usable on pc), I need to use scptoolkit (as shown in this video: The thing, it always have to on cable, and every time I restart my computer I need to unplug and plug the controller for it to get recognized. Is there anything I can do for it to get recognized on boot?

Thanks in advance.


ScpToolkit is out of development and support for years. Doesn't DS4Windows do what you want in this case?


No, because I need to manually select the device that will be recognised as a controller.

I don't understand what that sentence means. Anyway, SCP is dead, let it rest.


perhaps try disabling hibernation.

"powercfg /h off" in an elevated command prompt