Can I bind keys to a controller button?

I have no problem doing "very basic" changes to the source and compiling my own binaries, I have in fact made custom changes to the DS4 sink to change some assignments like Ps button behavior.

I was wondering if it is possible for me to assign a Controller button to a Keyboard command. Something like:

{DualShock3Buttons.Ps, Keyboard.OemPlus}

If this doable without too much modifications?

The reason I'm trying to do this is so that I can use analog movement with the PSNav controller while also being able to assign keyboard commands to buttons in the PSNav. Currently I'm able to do this using XOutput + VigemBus + FireShock (Old DirectInput version) and works great, but I loose wireless connectivity. I can also do it by using x360ce + XPadder + FireShock (Old DirectInput version), but also loose wireless connectivity.

I like the Vigem framework and would prefer to be the only one installed instead of mixing software. The PSNav is a half PS3 controller with limited functionality, so it doesn't make sense to make full use of all the buttons as it conflicts with complex assignments in game. I would like to create my own custom sInk specifically for PSNav controllers to use with FPS games.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!