How fix Vibrate function ? work well with ScpToolkit before

  • so i removed Scptoolkit because random error popup, now install everything from FireShock, Vgem, and shibari

    everything work well except the Vibrate function that work well with Scptoolkit

    im using fake DS3 Controller ( scptoolkit said my controller is fake ) so i belive its fake, but even that the vibration is work

  • I used ScpToolkit, and it just stopped working properly.
    I installed FireShock, Vgem, and shibari, have an original DS3 controller, and when playing FIFA 20 for example, it vibrates too much.
    When previously vibration would last 0.5 to 1 seconds, it now lasts 3-5 seconds and is really annoying.
    Is there any way to adjust this or to disable vibration completely?

  • Doing some more testing I figured out that this only happens if the controller is connected through Bluetooth, if it is connected by USB vibration seems normal.

  • As I already commented in another thread the rumble code in Shibari (which is the responsible component) is not well tested and probably faulty. Watch the commits, if I get around to it I'll take a look at it.