[Issue] - DS3 as DS4 : select button / touchpad

  • Hi,

    I'll start with a big thank you for your amazing work that allowed us to enjoy countless hours of gaming with our favorite controller ! 🙂

    The issue is that the game I'm playing (Below) requires to touch the touchpad to open the game map. As a x360 controller, it is the select button.

    The tools in use are :

    • Fireshock v3.0.0.0
    • ViGEmBus 1.16.116
    • Shibari 1.5.171

    DS3 controller emulated as a DS4 one.

    -- Can I do something with the current tools to make it work ?

    (Other than using a keyboard 😄 or emulating as a x360 controller - thus losing the button prompts - which would still be okay either way ; not having to reboot after computer sleep is already great - I was using SCP)

    Thank you again and I apologize if this was already answered, it is possible that my brain failed to search correctly at 2am 😞 )

    PS : I didn't do the BthPS3 tutorial yet, but followed the full removal steps of SCP ; wipe utility, uninstall, followed by the use of the proposed tools to check everything was gone.

  • the touch pad is not emulated. so set shibari to emulate a 360 controller

  • That's not accurate, the button where the touchpad sits on is implemented, but not mapped to in Shibari. A very simple one line change in code can achieve that, Shibari simply has no exposed mapping configuration the use can edit (and will hopefully never have in favor of better solutions).

  • Thanks for the explanation, I'll use the 360 emulation because vibrations / rumble are not the same when using DS4 emulation - probably a game issue for it does work but only on a subset of actions.

  • @nefarius "A very simple one line change in code can achieve that"
    How can I do this and what specific line of code should I edit? I just really want to run "the touchpad" via DS4 emulation and the SELECT button.

  • @nefarius said in [Issue] - DS3 as DS4 : select button / touchpad:

    Here are the button mappings, a simple 1:1 relationship.

    Oh, good. But the touchpad click is not described here. It should look like this:
    {DualShock3Buttons.Select, DualShock4Button.Touch}

    I'm sorry to bother you, but I really want to continue playing 🙂 Thank you for your work.

  • @dedakraeveda Seems it can't be helped enough 😞

  • Look at the sources, it's all there.

  • @nefarius I think I'm getting it. As far as I know the mapping is in Sinks/Shibari.Sub.Sink.ViGEm.DS4.dll but I can't find a way to modify it. In your link to the source code I can see the mapping and where to change DualShock4Button.Share to DualShock4Button.Select (maybe, I'm not quite sure why it is like this. Nobody uses the share button 😕 ) I don't know what else to do with that .cs file or at least how to modify the .dll
    I really don't wanna use other software

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