Question: Bluetooth devices, the other way around

  • Hi there,

    First of all, thanks for the amazing job accomplished. I've bumped into this project yesterday and I have to say that I spent more time reading stuff around it that actually using. That's why my question might be a bit silly but I didn't find anything related to this so far.

    My question is quite simple.
    Do you think we can do this the other way around?
    Meaning that, for instance, would it possible to pair and connect my virtual xbox360 (or ps3/4 if needed) device to a Bluetooth dongle on my console? (I'm thinking of the "switch-up" which already allows me to connect a real xbox360/ps3/ps4 in Bluetooth to my switch)

    The end goal would be to be able to play on my switch using my computer.

    If you need any further information because it's not clear or needs more details about what I'm thinking, just let me know!

    Once again, thank you very much for what you've accomplished so far!


  • TL;DR: It's possible using Kernel Hacks.

    In the realms of what the official Microsoft Bluetooth DDIs offer, no, that's a no-go. If you want/can go really rogue and accept you probably will never be able to do a public release without the kernel police coming after you, then yes, from what I've gathered that should be possible.

    An alternative route to kernel patching would be the AirBender approach; write the complete Bluetooth stack from scratch, then you're its only master and can do whatever you want 🙂 You won't get away with 50 lines of code though I'm afraid 😉