Can't get bluetooth to work


First of all, thank you for the amazing software you develop.

I've been using SCP toolkit since 2015, but yesterday I updated my Windows 10 installation to build 1909 and sadly bluetooth in SCP does not work anymore.

So I searched a bit and found about Shibari, BthPS3 and Fireshock.

I did the install exactly how the tutorials show(i did unblock the downloaded files and installed everything properly), and through USB cable it works fine, but does not work with bluetooth. I have a dongle that seems compatible (also I used to use it in SCP through the last 5 years).

Device manager screenshot:

Shibari log:

I have tested and I can use the bluetooth to connect my cellphone and transfer files, for example.

HCI and LMP of my BT dongle are 3.3164

Does anyone have a clue of what i could try to make it work? I have literally searched through this whole forum haha

Thanks in advice!

Hey hey,

do you even hear the connection sound Windows makes when you try to connect via Bluetooth or nothing there?


hi nefarius! thank you for the response friend.

I get no connection sound when trying to connect via bluetooth. No sound or entry in Shibari's console

According to Shibari log your controller gets paired to 00:11:F6:09:E9:DB, can you verify in Device Manager, that that is indeed your host radio?



Yes, thats the host address!