DS3 charging question: does it actually charge when plugged into a PC?

  • late January I had the chance to try using the DS3 wireless for the first time with my laptop, and the power died after a half our of usage. I thought to replace the 11 year old battery inside of it, because its a 11-year old battery.(note, the og battery sony put into the controller has short and comically thin wires, when I replaced mine the thin red wire was pinched flat) For most of the past decade its been plugged into my computer -so im wondering, did the battery actually age past it usefulness, or was it not charging?

  • While I haven't hooked up an amp meter within the last 5 to 7 years of using a DS3 I have never encountered any of mine running out of juice. While in use they're wireless, then from time to time plugged into my PC on standby (so still USB power but PC off), so I assume it charges fine when it simply has USB power. Should also charge with a cellphone charger, but again, haven't tried it personally.


  • I did a few quick tests with the PC powered on, in standby and a phone charger, all methods seem to work, battery on full charge!


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